Classic car show

Richard needed a few bits to fix Elvis so we went to the classic car show hoping to find them (he didn’t…so still no Elvis!)  We got there quite early and wandered around the auto jumble section before going to look at the cars.  Caitlin and Noah’s firm favourite was the camper van and beetle with eyes!!!!!!

Noah also liked a cool blue monster beetle….

We went outside to the play area for dinner and a bit of a play before going back in where we met some friends from the mini club and wandered around again.  Noah got to sit in a Morris Minor which he loved….

..and Caitlin found a “mini”….

…we’ll let Caitlin off liking this one on the basis of her age, she is just attracted to the fact it is pink!!!!!!!  The girl (probably the owner) behind Caitlin in the photo looks less than impressed…she obviously heard us all laughing at how she has murdered that poor mini!!!!!!


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