Hollingworth Lake

I love going to Hollingworth Lake.  We always have a fantastic time, it is the perfect size to walk around without the kids getting fed up and whiney, it has a little beach and a cafe stop half way around!  I always get great photo’s there too.  As Elvis is still broken we went by train and the lake is about a mile from the train station according to google maps, but when I got there I noticed a little passage way and it made it about half a mile – just right.  Just as we got to the end of our walk there Abigail and Katie who we were meeting were just parking up so we walked around to the little beach.  Austin has never been to a beach before so I thought the sand might throw him but he just got straight in digging!!

After a big clean up we had a chippy dinner which was lovely and set off for a walk around the lake…

…and past the pebbly beach which we must remember for next time as its much quieter (and less messy) than the other one….

We stopped for ice-cream half way around and then it was home time so we started walking back to the car….

The train journey home felt quite long as Caitlin and Noah were both really tired and so had to share the pram, and we had to change trains at Victoria/Piccadilly which always adds a good 30mins to the journey!!!!!

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