Austin turns 1!

Austin has turned 1…..where on earth has the last year gone??  Lost to renovations and living in chaos….  I feel like his first year has been a bit poor in comparison to Caitlin and Noah’s, there are so many toys we just didn’t get chance to unpack, very little floor space for him to roll about on, not as many days out and no proper holidays….  And since the house is still a bit chaotic and not really safe for small visitors he didn’t get a party…next year!!  But he is super content and didn’t seem to mind any of this.

He was late to crawl but as soon as he realised moving about got him to all kinds of things and allowed him to follow Caitlin and Noah he soon decided to walk!!!  I still can’t believe he took his first steps in the same week as Caitlin and Noah did….that is so close it is spooky!  He chats away to everyone and if he thinks people aren’t listening he shouts, obviously going to be an early talker like Noah and never stop once he’s got it!!!  He is pretty much the same size as Noah at that age and also looks a lot like him.  He adores Caitlin and Noah and follows them around trying to play with them.  They both adore him but do sometimes get carried away playing together and race off without him.  Austin is a good sleeper he sleeps through all the time but sometimes wakes up a bit too early, but not ridiculously so.  He loves his food and is very vocal if you have something and he hasn’t!!!  I think bread and bananas are his favourite.

On his birthday morning we were still away and Nan had put some balloons and a banner up for him which was cool….

Eventually once everyone was up and ready he got to open his presents from Nan….

Caitlin helped him but I think he thought it was all a bit boring really…….

….until he got………

….the wrapping paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Always a hit!!

The weather was still nice so we headed out for a drink and a play on the swings…

…before birthday cake!!!!!!!!!!!

And time for a quick slice before bed….

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One response to “Austin turns 1!

  1. Happy birthday Austin.

    Looks like it has been a busy few weeks for you, your holiday looks amazing

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