Driving, driving, driving!!

So we set off from Grandma and Grandad’s just before 9pm on the Sunday…..  We tried setting stupid woman to no toll roads to save us 60 euros but she couldn’t seem to do a route without them so we gave up and took the toll road….but then in true stupid woman style she took us off the toll road to go through the middle of Paris!!!!!!!!  Me and the kids were supposed to be sleeping while Richard drove through the night.  Austin had other ideas and was still awake after a few hours having refused to drink his bedtime milk.  He finally gave in and drank it and fell asleep.  Noah of course woke up just after midnight and wittered away to us for over FOUR whole hours!!!!!!  I couldn’t sleep due to toll booths, Noah and a very uncomfy seat!  We got to the tunnel a bit early and managed to get on an early train, on which Noah finally gave in and fell back to sleep…..only for Caitlin to wake up!  We arrived at Nan’s just before 6am all completely knackered….  We waited until after 6 to wake her up and I went straight to bed.  The kids were all completely exhausted and so completely unreasonable…wouldn’t eat, drink, play nicely etc etc….  Richard tried to sort breakfast with very little success then also headed off to bed.  I could hear tears, fighting and general unrest downstairs but after a few hours sleep I got up and sent Noah to bed.  He had had about 4 hours sleep and so was beyond reasoning with.  Caitlin had had more sleep but still not enough, and even Austin was tired. 

In the afternoon after a nice long sleep for Noah we headed out for a drink by the river…

We still had to tread carefully with tired children but the fresh air did everyone good!

and we went on some swings…of course!

Before heading back for an early night before………..a certain little someones first birthday….


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  1. I just finished reading all about your holiday and looking at snaps. Looks like a good time.

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