Holiday part 2 – Disney Paris

After the London to Brighton mini run we headed straight off for our Eurotunnel.  Caitlin and Noah were fascinated at how we were on a train under the sea!!  And then with no passport checks what so ever we were in France…..  We headed to our formula one “hotel” (very small room with insufficient beds – the max you could have was 3 beds so we had to make do with that!!)  We got there at about 10pm by which time everyone was very tired and grumpy and it took a while to convince Noah and Caitlin to stop fighting over space in the single bed….

In the morning we woke up and went in search of breakfast….but couldn’t find anywhere open so we gave up as we had some food in the car…bananas, fruit pots etc!  We then headed to DISNEY!!!!!  We were told we wouldn’t be able to check in until 3pm but could use the park but when we got there our room was ready so we checked in straight away and went straight out to the Disneyland park…..

…unfortunately we seemed to have taken the British weather with us and it was pouring with rain!!  As we had forgotten the rain cover for the pram we had to spend £8 on a glorified binbag for Austin so he kept slightly dry!!  Our £8 must have worked though because soon after we bought it the rain eased off – bargain price for good weather!!!  And Caitlin got to see one of the 2 things she had her heart set on….the castle!!!!!!!!!!!

We also went on a few rides and then it was time for dinner.  Wow that was expensive…at £25 for 2 adult meals and 1 portion of chips to be shared out between the 4 of us!!!  And as you can imagine it wasn’t all that nice either!!  We then managed to find a ride that Austin could go on…well you had to be 1 so we told a small lie and said he was…well he was only a week off!!  They looked like they didn’t believe us but did let us on….surprising really since he is monster baby…

(and yes that really is me – a rare sight a photo of me but it looked ok so I thought I’d be brave!)  And we went on more rides….

In preparation for our trip we really should have watched the Disney channel or at least some Disney films because none of us recognised any characters!!!!!!  Noah knows Lightening McQueen and Caitlin knows the Disney princesses because they are on her cup and plate!!!!  I thought the characters wandered about mingling with the guests but they don’t you have to queue up to meet them and they switch every half an hour or so.  So we queued up to see Minnie mouse – Caitlin liked her dress!!  We got to the front of the queue and met mickey mouse who they were all quite scared of….

…and then just as it was our turn with Minnie she was swapped with someone we didn’t recognise at all!!!!!!!  We had to ask who she was and it turns out she was Jessie from toy story…..ah well never mind!  By this time with our pathetic breakfast and shared dinner we were hungry so we left to get some tea.  We decided against the £70 option available in the park and found a sports bar outside.  Then it was time for bed and Richard headed out to the supermarket to get a packed lunch and some beer!!

The next morning we had a massive buffet breakfast and realised we could have acquired our packed lunch here but never mind!!  Then we headed to the other park – Walt Disney studios…. 

As we were in a Disney hotel we had access to the park 2 hours before people who weren’t in a Disney hotel so we got straight on the Aerosmith ride and then on the tower of terror, although both were good they weren’t as good as the US versions.  Then we went to see the stunt car show!

which Austin was truly amazed by…..

The Cars ride which Noah had been looking forward to was in this park so we went there and Noah was chuffed to bits to see a giant Lightening McQueen, but it was really hard to get a picture of that so we had to settle for a photo with a billboard…

On our way out of the park Caitlin managed to get a quick photo with Minnie Mouse!

The next morning we started out back in the Disneyland Park to meet the princesses.  They were by the castle for 2 hours…and after a 1.5 hour queue we finally got to meet one….

and even Noah wanted to give her a hug!  Poor many kids must she have to grin at and hug??!!


We finished off the rides we wanted to go on and then went back to the other park to watch the stunt show again…

After that show the stunt driver were available for photo’s so Noah waited for them…

Before we left Paris we went back to the shopping mall for some tea where we saw our one and only French mini!!

True to form even though we just selected previous destination Stupid Woman sent us a different way to yesterday!!!!!!  She is so illogical!  After tea it was time to set off for Grandma and Grandad’s….  After a few hours we noticed Caitlin had fallen asleep….

all snuggled up with Snow White!!


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  1. Oh it looks like sooo much fun!!

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