The start of our holiday….

First of all I will introduce you to “stupid woman!”….she is the sat nav in Richards new car and she really is stupid…she has no concept of directions and sends you in completely the opposite direction lots of times!!!  For example I was going somewhere I vaguely knew the way to but got  directions incase the way I went wasn’t the best way as I wasn’t that familiar with the area….  Her route was 14 miles long….much further than I thought….she said to go straight on, but I knew left was a better option…she recalculated and hey presto journey was now only 6 miles!!!!  I’m sure she is in cahoots with the car manufacturer to make your mileage warranty run out sooner!!!!

Anyway onto our trip!!  We headed down south to Nan’s house first for a quick stop over….

…and play in her garden then after a night’s sleep it was an early start to a mini show….

Noah insisted on having his picture taken with all the blue mini’s while Caitlin found all the pink ones!!!!!

The show is on Madeira Drive in Brighton and about 2000 mini’s have tickets to park on the seafront (and another 2000 just turn up and cause parking chaos in Brighton!!) They have a big PA system that has speakers right along the seafront and Caitlin and Noah went on stage to tell them about our mini’s, they both got a sticker for doing that which they were chuffed about!

We then tried to get a photo of Austin with an Austin badge but he kept running away…

Then the rain started and so we headed off on the next part of our journey….


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