New playground and a new top!

Our local playground has been having a facelift!  It used to be pretty poor with really old equipment, which has all been replaced with wooden wigwam structures, a zip wire and a rope climbing frame!  So this week as the kit is finished and they are just doing the landscaping we called in on the way to collect Caitlin from school.

I think it is aimed more at older children so won’t really be good for us at busy times but since Noah had the place to himself he could have a go at the rope climbing and managed to get to the top of the wigwam….

While the kids have been in bed and Richard at work I made Caitlin another new top ready for a mini show we’re going to soon…..

…the lighting is terrible but I am really pleased with how it turned out.


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One response to “New playground and a new top!

  1. Mancais

    You’re very talented.
    Like the sound of a zip wire in the playground.

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