Yet another soft play…

I’m sure we are on a mission to tour every soft play in the Greater Manchester / Cheshire (oh and even Rochdale!!) area!!!!!!  So today we went to another one we’ve not been to before.  It was unbelievably cheap!  Normally I get charged between £3 and £5 per child.  The odd one lets Austin go free but most charge £1 and some even charge £4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today Noah got in for £2.50, Austin was free and for the £2.50 we got a coffee, unlimited juice for Noah and a piece of toast – oh and of course entry into the play area.  We couldn’t believe it!!!  It was a bit tired looking and had a lot of signs up that implied the usual customers were less than desirable…no smoking by the door and please ensure your child has been to the toilet/had their nappy checked before going into the play area!!!!!  But really it was pretty good, especially for the money!!!!!! The door (my pet hate in these places!!!) wasn’t in an ideal place but it was visible, the food was pretty good and cheap, it was clean enough and all of the kids enjoyed it – and it was really really cheap!!



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2 responses to “Yet another soft play…

  1. Im always amazed at how much these places can charge, we went to one a few weeks back and they charge £5 per child for an hour . Even Ru who done nothing more than run up and down the floor in front of it.
    My faviroute is one we have locally that has certain free plays times in the evening , does toddler sessions during the day for £1 per kid and includes juice/tea . Under 2s are always free and full price charge is £1.50 with other siblings £1 . So only cost me £2.50 for my lot

  2. Mancais

    Sounds like a bargain.

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