Swimming and new tops!!

Today Caitlin went swimming at school for the first time.  She is really lucky in that her school have a small swimming pool and with the consent of a doctor they can go swimming each week.  They have to have a parent/friend go with them which means for Caitlin and Noah it has to be a time Richard isn’t working so that we have someone to watch Austin.  I have given the school a list of days Richards shifts allow him to go to the swimming sessions and they have worked around that and Caitlin is going swimming every time Richard is available which is great.  She had a fantastic time swimming about and playing water games.  Noah was a bit put out it wasn’t his turn but he will get to go in September when Caitlin has moved onto proper school.

Last weekend I decided to make Caitlin a top!!  She has a boden top which is gorgeous but she’s not too keen as it’s not pink so I made her a pink version…..

….I wasn’t certain it would work so I bought some fabric for £1 and it’s worked quite well so I might invest in some nicer fabric!!!!


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2 responses to “Swimming and new tops!!

  1. I think the top is adorable, good job mummy

  2. Mancais

    The top is lovely.

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