Hedgehogs and bowling!!

Today me and Austin have been making hedgehog costumes!!!!  Austin really did not enjoy the experience…either the making – he was very bored and kept trying to walk on the very new and hence slippy floor at Louise’s and falling over!!  He definitely didn’t enjoy the modelling……

There are a few more prickles to be added but you get the gist!  We just hope it’s big enough for the actual acting hedgehogs as we had to make do with a pair of trousers for fabric which limited the size!!!

After school as Richard was on earlies and so finished early, and we had tickets for 2 people to go free we went bowling!!  Somehow after a terrible start Richard won and Caitlin came 2nd!! 

Noah has decided to start adjusting the ramp and so his bowling has deteriorated!!!!!  We then went for a nice meal where Noah amazed us and ate a huge pizza!!!!!!


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