Step, step, step at exactly 11 months old!

Today Austin is 11 months old!!!!!!!!!  That is so close to a whole year it is scary!!!!!  He has completely mastered crawling and lets go and stands regularly (apologies for the mismatch of clothes he as having a bad day…that was outfit number 4 after 2 exploding nappies and a spilt drink!)….

And this afternoon he took 3 steps!!!!!!  He is just 5 days slower than Noah and 4 days slower than Caitlin!!!!  He refused to perform for a little video clip but never mind.

Austin is still a happy and content little soul…apart from while we eat our tea which he seems to have taken great objection too and screams blue murder at!!  We give him the same as us to have a munch on but he doesn’t care, and he stops instantly as soon as we stop eating and do something else…we don’t even have to start playing with him…odd!! 

He can climb a few stairs and is a magnet for finding our baby dangerous areas – which since building work is still going on there are lots of!!  He’s in all the cupboards and loves the dishwasher.  He’s also tall enough to reach the kitchen table as we discovered when he pulled a plate off and broke it!!!  He also likes to shout a lot and tries to copy what everyone is saying.  He has 9 teeth – the front 8 and a molar??!!


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4 responses to “Step, step, step at exactly 11 months old!

  1. And you thought he was NEVER going to crawl and here he is just weeks after starting to crawl taking his first steps- he was just waiting until he had is all sussed!! LOL. Love his smile! I can’t imagine his screaming during dinner- he’s sooo SMILEY!!!

  2. Vic

    Aww! Well done Austin!! I can’t believe they were all so close! Three peas in a pod!


  3. Vic

    By close, I mean similar in age when they started to work

  4. Mancais

    He’s doing great

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