Riding a bike…it would seem you do forget!!

Today I promised that if they ate their dinner really quickly I’d take them to the park on their bikes.  As the bikes have been at the old house they haven’t ridden them for ages….  Just after they finished dinner it started to rain…..  At the suggestion of postponing the ride there were lots of tears…so out in the rain we went!!

Noah used to be really fast on his bike and pretty good at it…but it would seem that once you can ride a bike you never forget because Noah couldn’t even figure out how to pedal!!!!!!  We left Austin behind (with Richard!) and off we went.  Both of them instantly veered off the pavement and into the road!!!!  So I sent Caitlin back home while I took Noah.  He was hopeless, couldn’t steer or pedal!!  We got as far as the end of our block then we turned round to go back home.  On her second time out Caitlin was much better and kept it on the pavement and peddled and steered and we got all the way around the block.  Now that Caitlin was refreshed on how to ride a bike we went back for Noah…..

He managed to pedal and steer but even after going all around the block he still was nowhere near as good as he was last summer!!!  We were all wet but they had fun!!!



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2 responses to “Riding a bike…it would seem you do forget!!

  1. Squidge was the same way when we went out for our first bike ride a few weeks ago. She got on it and was FREAKING out! Didn’t know how to steer and kept heading or cars. By the time we were done Wal had taught her how to pedal standing up!

  2. Mancais

    They look very cute

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