Drifting and flying!!

Just incase the stunt bike yesterday didn’t give Noah enough ideas today we went to watch the drifting, freestyle motocross and monster trucks…..  After a very boring hour’s wait we finally got in!!!  We then had to wait for that set to stop drifting so we could cross over the track and get to the empty viewing area so we could actually see!!!

Noah and Austin loved watching the drifting…

Austin is getting very good at standing and still seems to prefer walking to crawling!!  We stayed in our excellent spot to watch the freestyle motocross which had them all fascinated…

…and then we watched the monster truck….

Once it was time for dinner we decided to walk over to the Trafford centre as the facilities were frighteningly bad at the drifting!!!!!!  So once we were fed and toileted we headed back to find far too many people for the viewing areas and so we had no chance of the kids seeing anything.  We went for a walk around the display areas and Noah loved looking at all the pimped up cars!!!

A few of the cars were up on axle stands being tweaked for the next round of drifting and he tried to climb underneath them to see!!!!  He insisted on me taking photos of him with the ones that had their bonnets up!!!

…and blue ones…..

He also got to sit in a stock car again…..

Caitlin had the chance to sit in the stock car but the man was too scary!!!!!  She was much happier once we went to the starting line to watch them all line up and set off with their exhausts popping!!!

Austin liked watching at the start line too….

Once we were done we headed home where Noah continued to re-enact the stunt bikes and monster trucks!!!!!!!!


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2 responses to “Drifting and flying!!

  1. I have never in my entire life seen a baby smile as much as Austin! Looks like everyone else had a blast too!

  2. Mancais

    Certainly does

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