Totally (not) transport

For the past few years we have been going to totally transport in Sandbach.  Normally we go on the Sunday but Saturday is advertised as “family day” so we went then instead.  It was a good day and the weather was fantastic but totally transport it wasn’t!!!  There were some remote control trucks being driven around which Noah loved….

We had a wander around and saw a lovely old fire engine…

…and went on a couple of fairground rides and went to watch the parade.  Last year we were in the parade and it took us hours to get around there were so many cars, trucks, traction engines etc in it,  but this year the parade was over and done with in about 10 minutes….

Austin (and the others) still liked it though….

We then went for some dinner where Caitlin got to meet the carnival princess!!!!!!!  I think that made her day!!!  She loves carnival queens and princesses and wants to be one when she grows up…..

and after that was a motorbike stunt rider…

….Noah completely loved this (the trucks were forgotten!!), he stood watching without taking his eyes off him for the whole thing!!    There was time for a quick ice-cream by the flowers and then onto Lucy’s birthday party….

…where Noah recreated the wheelies and riding standing on the seat that he’s seen earlier…hmmmm!!!!!!!

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