1st day of school

Today was Noah’s first day at pre-school.  He has been excited for months and months and finally his day has come!!!!!!  He packed his bag with his spare clothes and off we went.

(he was a bit cold in the photo!)  He ran in the gate and straight through the door barely saying goodbye!! 

Two and a half hours later I went to pick him and Caitlin up….  Out came Caitlin, eye’s looking upwards saying…Noah won’t come out!!  At their school they call them a couple at a time depending who’s parents are there first, sometimes before the story is finished.  The story hadn’t finished so he was refusing to come out until it was which makes sense!!  He was a bit disappointed that he hadn’t got to draw but was pleased he had played in the water and in the ball pool.  He is very excited about taking his new lunch box tomorrow…lets just see if he actually eats any of it without me to force it down him!!!!!!!!


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2 responses to “1st day of school

  1. Mancais

    Sending people out before the story is over is no good.

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