This afternoon we went back to see the nurse (and doctor) about the lump in Noah’s neck.  It has got bigger overnight but he’s still perfectly well with it, apart from complaining it hurts if you press the actual lump, but he says his throat doesn’t hurt otherwise.  We saw the nurse and she called the doctor back who she’d called yesterday.  They are both a bit confused that it is quite big but he is otherwise well.  They checked the glands at the tops of his legs, his stomach and his armpits (all of which he found hilariously funny!!) but they were all fine.  His ears and throat are clear of visible infection and although there is a tiny bit of swelling on the other side of his neck that hasn’t worsened.  He doesn’t have a temperature either….  So they have given him antibiotics and will see him again in another 48 hours…… when if the antibiotics haven’t had any effect they’ll do blood tests. Very strange!!  Also very annoying as none of the kids have ever had antibiotics before so he has ruined our amazing record….. Ah well just hope the lump goes soon because it looks awful!!  Luckily they did say he was fine to go for his first day at school tomorrow!!!!


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  1. glad he’s ok and can still go to school in the morning. Esme has never had antibiotics either! I just typed that so tomorrow she’ll come down with some horribleness that will require antibiotics!

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