Teeth, lumps and the circus….

Noah has been complaining his tooth hurts on and off for a few days, my cynical side told me he was bluffing but he did seem especially off his food so I made an emergency appointment at the dentist and off we went….  The dentist checked all of his teeth and said they all looked really healthy and he was fairly sure Noah was having us on.  I then bent down to tell Noah he had been very good at opening his mouth really wide when I noticed a massive lump in his neck, and on closer inspection a smaller one on the other side!!!  The dentist looked and said it could possibly be mumps and to go to the doctors…….

So off we went to the doctors where the receptionist took my mobile number, told me to wait in the waiting room and said someone would phone me to assess him!!!!!!!  I was very confused as to why they wouldn’t just come and look at him, but I did as I was told and sat waiting for someone in the room next door to phone……..  The person who called was equally confused as to why I was told to wait so told me to come through.  Both her and the doctor weren’t too sure what the lump was and sent us away until tomorrow afternoon to see if it went down or got worse, they think it is an infected gland….

While we were in the waiting room a friend phoned with the offer of some free circus tickets.  I love the circus and wanted to be in the circus when I was little so I jumped at the chance and off we rushed!!

The first act was a woman spinning blocks with her feet while lying on a motorbike…  Noah loves bikes and so was fascinated by this…..and even more so when she started doing this….

…Noah looked like this….

and when she finished he was very impressed….

Austin was also impressed and sat clapping along with everyone having a great time.  During the interval they had hotdogs….personally I think they are revolting but they seemed to like them.

After that it was time for some more fire…again Noah loved this!!!!!!

I think he is just a danger magnet!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin’s favourite part was a little girl who was about Caitlin’s age, but I didn’t manage to get a photo of her…..  They both seemed to really enjoy it, so we had a great time.

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  1. Mancais

    Great to see the kids enjoying themselves

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