Heads…giant and burnt!!

Today we drove out to see a giant head statue (The Dream) which you can see from the motorway.  I am sure I spotted it a good few years ago but it was only completed a year ago so I must have had a premonition!!!!  Yesterday when I passed it you couldn’t even see it from the motorway the fog was so thick so today we packed jumpers and raincoats…and our picnic.  It looked a lot brighter today but was still quite cool….

Dream is a bit odd really, it’s a nice piece of art but really it’s just that…a giant head in the middle of a very young forest (the trees were all very tiny still).  We walked upto the head…

…and Caitlin and Noah had a great time running around it.  We then continued on the rest of the walk looking at the puddles and the plants…

It was a nice enough walk with a good path for the pram and a nice duck pond, even if the ducks did all just hide in the reeds…

The site used to be a colliery so it would have been nice if there were some old mining things dotted along the way (and some bins!!!!) to make the walk a bit more interesting, but all the kids seemed to like walking around.

After our first circuit we met up with Squidge and had our picnic then we did the walk again.  Once we got back into the car I realised that me and Austin were really sunburnt!!!!!  It would seem I should have left the raincoats and brought suncream!!!!!  Caitlin and Noah are both ok – although I always burn way before them!!!  So Austin has my skin (well and Richards too since he also burns!!)….poor thing, best stock up on suncream!!!!!!


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2 responses to “Heads…giant and burnt!!

  1. in shock that you guys burned! Had fun though…

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