Shop, shop, shop

Today we have been shopping with Nanny and Grandad….  They gave Caitlin and Noah £1 each to spend in the pound shop so Noah picked a spiky plastic thing that has a light in (if you beat the living daylights out of it!!) and Caitlin picked a grow your own courgette kit!!!!!!!  We’ll update you on those if we get any shoots!!

Caitlin also got a gorgeous new coat….

Linda bought one for Squidge a few weeks ago and she told me all about it saying I would love them…and I do!!!  Stripes!!  I do like stripes!!!  I also wanted some pumps for Caitlin but couldn’t find any in her size.  I did find some in Noah’s size…some really cool vans!!  They are chequered flag ones which I forgot to take a picture of!

Once we were all shopped out we headed home for Easter presents…which they got lots of new books for and loads of lego which was great.  After that we went to mini club early to have tea with some friends and my Godson.  The kids all loved seeing him and we had a very nice night, shame we had to head home early as Richard had to go to work.

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