Out to celebrate

Today we went out to celebrate Caitlin’s school place…  We did a bit of window shopping first followed by a smoothie stop!!!

They both also chose themselves a little present.  Noah chose a pencil-case set which had a sharpener in which he has sat sharpening with for ages!!  Caitlin chose a memo set with Disney princess paper and a pencil…she has sat for ages writing all over each piece pretending she is “Sue” (the lady in the office at her school!!)  She has handed out registers and hospital appointments to all of the imaginary children!!!!

Later on it was time for mini club and tonight we were going back to a pub we used to meet in over 10 years ago!!  I don’t think they were very keen on us being there…  In the past 10 years it has changed into more of a restaurant pub so we had to leave at 8.30 due to the kids (who were just sat quietly doing stickers and having their nails painted!!)

Austin was just sat grinning as usual…..

Luckily it was a one-off and we’re back to our usual pub next week!!!!!!!


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