Cinema and soft play!

Yesterday we went to the cinema to watch Nanny McPhee, unfortunately with the huge queue we ended up with seats 2 rows apart.  We decided to try the kids on the front row and us behind….all was going well until Caitlin realised we weren’t coming back and was convinced she had been abandoned at the cinema and was crying hysterically!!  Austin had already fallen asleep so I ended up with Caitlin sat on one knee and Austin asleep on the other…not very comfy!  Eventually I convinced her that I was staying there and so she went back.  Noah also shouted over to me a few times (to let me know he’d finished his sweets and could he have more!!)and Squidge went wandering off.  I thought the film was really good and so did the kids, they have been going on about banging her “thing” (walking stick) if you are naughty!!!!

Today we met a few people from Caitlin’s class at a soft play.  I was amazed how quiet it was especially since it is raining.  They all had a great time including Austin who played with one of the older sisters of Caitlin’s friend.


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