10 months

Today Austin is 10 months old!!!!!  He has 8 teeth and does a lot of chatting!!  He still can’t crawl and is showing no interest in even trying although he does love to be stood up and is trying to take a few steps if you hold his hands.  He does have a habit of just letting go if you stand him against furniture and so he falls over quite a bit.

He is still really content, which is maybe why he hasn’t crawled!!  He sits about smiling and laughing.  His favourite thing at the moment is when you sing 3 little men in a flying saucer to him!!  He can clap and wave which he does a lot and loves to blow kisses!!!!!!  He is really going to miss Noah when he joins Caitlin in school after Easter but it will be great to be able to do some baby things with him!!!


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  1. aaaw Es used to sind that song all the time. Will have to get her to sing it to him next time we see you

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