Mothers day

Well to say I was shocked would be an understatement!!!  Given I didn’t get a single Christmas present (sorry except for a pair of socks Noah found in my bedroom and wrapped for me!!!!!!!) – I thought maybe I just hadn’t been very good…. so I didn’t expect anything for Mothers day, until Richard went out (alone) for 3 hours on the Saturday.

Anyway I got some baileys, chocolates and some ear rings.  Caitlin also made me a little lantern from a jam jar at school.  She had stuck loads of jewels on and drawn some pictures with glass pens.  It’s really good but being glass I can’t get a picture of it.  The day she made it I asked her what she had done in school and she told me all about it and then burst into tears because it was supposed to be a surprise.  On the Friday she brought it home she wouldn’t let me carry the bag and gave it to Richard to hide.  All of the other Mum’s had had theirs by that evening but Caitlin was taking her job of keeping it til Sunday very seriously!!!

I then got a bacon and egg butty for my breakfast and we went to the Museum of Science and Industry.  It is being refurbished which is really good so quite a bit of it was closed, but Caitlin’s favourite part…the water wheel was still open…

They also had a go at making a paper rocket which a man launched for them….

….and finally we all went on a steam train ride…

After that we went home where Richard cooked tea for us all.



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3 responses to “Mothers day

  1. Sounds like a good day with treats for you.
    Poor Caitlin giving the game away!

  2. was just thinking of this place today- don’t know why- very strange!

  3. Liz W

    I saw Rich that Saturday at Handforth Dean! Wondered what he was up too!

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