Over the weekend Caitlin, Noah and Austin had a visit from their cousin (and Aunty and Uncle – obviously!!  Little R didn’t get here all alone!)  They were all very excited to see her.  We also had Christmas all over again!!!  I couldn’t get over how big she was.  She is about 7 weeks older than Austin and Austin is a big boy (tall and wide), but R was a lot taller than him.  She also has loads of hair which is nice for a girl..Caitlin was a complete baldy!

They had a great time playing with her but soon it was time for her to go and Caitlin had a party to go to.  It was her very best friend from school who was having her 4th birthday party at a local soft play.  When we arrived it was completely hectic but soon quieted down after a party of 35 left!!!

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  1. Hey I recognize that shirt!!

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