The mini weekend!!

Every year the mini club have a weekend away.  This year we went to Cardigan in South Wales.  It seemed to take us forever to get there…it is all on tiny roads and at the end just dirt tracks!!!!!  We stayed in a big old house in the middle of no where!!

On the Saturday we headed out to Tenby beach.  Only about a 40 min drive but with a convoy of 6 mini’s and 2 normal cars it took a lot longer!!!!!!!  There was a lot of waiting….

…we waited for people stuck at traffic lights, people who had run out of petrol (and not the first time that weekend apparently!!!!!!), people behind slow cars, people lost at junctions….

We did finally get to Tenby and had some dinner before heading to the beach!

It’s a really lovely beach, but far to far to take the kids!!  We all got split up on the way home…some dodgy overtaking (and us not joining in…I like living!!) we were left behind, we had no directions so guessed the way back and somehow managed to be the first car back!!!  The other 2 mini’s behind us didn’t follow us and they got back just after us and the 3 mini’s ahead managed to arrive last!!!

In the evening we had a BBQ…yes it was freezing and no I didn’t venture outside I sat inside with the nice warm open fire!!  We then played some games.

On the Sunday we headed home… chaos but that is another post!!!!


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