Catch up time….

Wow it’s a long time since I posted!!  We were out at a wedding and then a party and then I got sick so didn’t post…..then I had so much to post I never had time for it….

So we went to a wedding (without the kids) at Manchester cathedral.  It was great, a very grand venue but also a bit strange that tourists still mill about.  There was a man in a kilt in the wedding party and loads of tourists kept asking to have their photo taken with him!!  Afterwards we went to the Midland hotel – also very grand and very nice.

The day after the wedding Caitlin and Noah had both been invited to a party.  I was a bit worried about it as it was in an ice cream parlour/chocolate shop!!  All of the adults were sent off to enjoy coffee and a rest and lots of food, I wasn’t expecting that and so had already eaten.  At first Caitlin was a bit unsure of being on her own but was soon having a great time and the host had arranged a sorbet for her instead of the ice cream so she had a lovely time.

Then I was sick so we stayed in for a few days….Noah and Austin were bored!!!  Richard was out car hunting!!



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2 responses to “Catch up time….

  1. car hunting?? tell me more!

  2. Mancais

    A wedding at the cathedral sounds impressive.
    Car hunting sounds intriguing.

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