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The Princess and the Frog.

Today Austin went on his first trip to the cinema!!!!!  He seemed to really enjoy it and even did his first clapping at it!!

We had great seats on the front row of the raised bit.  Caitlin loved the film, obviously since it had princesses in it!!!!! 

Noah also liked it but both him and Austin must have thought it went on a bit too long as they both fell asleep!!!  Noah also obviously liked the cinema snacks of popcorn and sweets!!!!!  It’s ages since we’ve been to the cinema we’ll have to go again soon!!!

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Party time…

Caitlin has lots of parties over the next few weeks, mostly from school which means Noah isn’t invited.  This weekend it was a little girl a week older than Noah from play group and so Noah was invited along with Caitlin!  He was very excited to be going to a party.  It was in a soft play and so first thing there was lots of playing, Noah just kept coming over every 5 minutes asking if it was time for the party food…I think that was the highlight for him…cakes and sweets!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally food time came and Noah was over the moon.  Caitlin however wasn’t too impressed.  Even though I told her what she could have she stuck to eating chips, cucumber and carrots!!  She seems to be really scared of eating food that might have milk in when we are out….  The pudding was a mini milk which obviously she couldn’t have so they got her some fruit instead which was really good of them and much appreciated by Caitlin.  Austin also like the party as the party girl has twin brother and sister who are pretty much the same age as Austin, he loved playing/trying to eat the twin girl!!!

While we were at the party lots of kitchen work was going on but I’m not posting about it so that Nan gets a nice surprise at the progress when she arrives from Essex on Friday!!!!

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Welcome to the area…

Today we have been to see the health visitor for a welcome to the area meeting.  She weighed and measured everyone and did some questionnaires to make sure they are all up to speed developmentally.

Austin now weighs a nice healthy 21lb 9oz and is 75.5cm tall, that’s the 75th centile for weight and just above the 91st for height so despite those chubby cheeks is actually slightly slim for his height.  At this age Noah was 21lb 5oz so virtually the same weight but only 71cm, Caitlin at this age was a tiny 15lb but 73cm tall!!  Austin didn’t really get any more of a check as it will be his 9-12 month check very soon.

Noah weighs 32lb and is 91.5cm tall, he has really slowed down on his growth since starting to walk and is now only on the 25th centile.  The health visitor then asked me some questions about Noah’s development and it would seem he is storming ahead developmentally even if he is a bit small.  By now he should be able to say 30 words…ha!!!  He never stops talking and can say hundreds of words, she actually laughed as she asked this question as he had been chatting away to her the whole time.  She asked if he can scribble, as if to copy writing and seemed very impressed when I said he can write his own name and copy any other letters.  She asked if he was showing interest in potty training and again was impressed he is clean and dry day and night.  There wasn’t anything on his list that he wasn’t exceeding the expectations for which was great, and he even met most of the targets for Caitlin’s questions.  I already knew that he was well ahead for his age but it was nice to have it confirmed.

Caitlin weighs a massive 36lbs!!!  I have no idea where that has come from, but I had noticed she has really filled out recently.  She is also 98.5cm tall, so she is now on the 25th centile for weight and 9th centile for height (she must be due to grow upwards anytime!!)  On her questionnaire she asked if her speech was clear to other adults and that she was speaking in full sentences which she is, can she count to 10 which she refused to do but she can count upto 20 and quite often beyond and also count backwards.  She asked if Caitlin can write her name and recognise some letters which she can and if she knows all of her colours and basic shapes which again she does.  Can she do and undo buttons, which she can and she can also do ad undo zips.  She asked if she can stand on one leg, hop and walk upstairs using alternate feet all of which she does.  That last one was the only one on Caitlin’s list that Noah can’t do yet.  Again she was pleased with Caitlin’s development and said she was also above average for a lot of the things.

All in all it was a very good appointment and at the end Caitlin even said to the Health Visitor “We’ve had a really good time here” which made her laugh!  Strange really since Caitlin spent the majority of the time silent and hiding fro the Health Visitor!!!!!!


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Guess what we’ve got……….

…after over 3 months of living in a house with boards or sawn off doors blocking the holes on our back walls we have finally got WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had to get wooden ones and it seems reliable joiners who can do wooden windows are hard to come by, but we finally found one and today he fitted our new kitchen window…..

The kitchen seems so bright now, although after having the whole of the back completely open to the elements all day the house feels freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We also have 2 windows in the utility room….

Tomorrow should see the installation of our patio doors then the house will be secure and the kitchen can finally be finished off…..just one wall to plaster then it’s onto the floor, units and painting!!!!!!!

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Trial run

Noah asks to go bowling all the time so I decided maybe he should have a bowling party for his birthday.  He’s never really had a birthday party something seems to crop up every year, so this year I’ve booked 12 places to go bowling!!  I wasn’t sure what to do food wise to go with the bowling and I spotted a free bowling offer just for today so we went bowling to test out their food!!

Noah was very excited to go bowling and the bowling was good.  We then went to order food and asked how big the pizza was.  There were 2 adults and 2 kids and the man behind the bar said “Oh it’s massive (and put his arms about 14 inches wide) you’ll definitely want to share one”  So since we wanted the same toppings that was it sorted we’d share.

It finally arrived and it was tiny!!!!  At biggest about 10 inches….between 4.  We ate it all but I was starving by tea time so the in-house food option was ruled out.  I just hope going to 2 places for the party doesn’t add in disaster!!!

Here is another picture of Austin with his new hair just cos it’s a cute one!!!

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Here is Austin at about 6pm tonight……

and then we finally got organised enough to chop all of his hair off……

It’s not a great after photo but I think he looks a lot better!!  I also now think he really looks like Noah again.  After a few months of looking quite different to Noah at that age he now looks like him again….

This week we should be getting windows!!!!  After over 3 months of living in a house with no back windows we have finally sorted out our planning permission (well admitted defeat on that score!) and eventually found a joiner who seems to actually be making the windows rather than just talking about it like our first joiner!  We’re hoping it will make a big difference to the look of the kitchen and will also mean Richard can finish the plastering and fit the units!!!  Photo’s to follow if all goes to plan!!

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So boring!!

Yet again we’ve not really been up to much.  It’s been cold and we’ve had house things to do, and now it is snowing again!!!!

At the weekend me and Richard did go out for a meal as my Mum had the kids, but really it was rubbish.  We went to a pretty posh restaurant in Manchester.  We’ve been a few times before and normally it is brilliant, pricey but worth it occasionally.  This time I had pollo penne…but found about half a square centimetre of chicken in there!  Obviously cost saving…but it’s not working as it was very empty so other people aren’t going.

On the Sunday we went to a mini show which was good, even with the snowy drive there.

This week Austin has had a cold, we think it’s the first time he’s had any sort of illness!!!  We both thought this separately so we’re pretty convinced it must be right!  He’s definitely never been pukey sick, or anything odd…  And we are almost certain it’s his first runny nose!!!  All that living on a building site must be toughening him up!  Noah was sick a few times this morning so hopefully Austin isn’t going to catch whatever that was, although Noah seems better now…just a 6 hour bug!!  And he managed to be sick while Richard was home to clean up!!!!

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