Noah has got his nursery place

Today we went to playgroup at Caitlin’s school and I got talking to one of her teachers who told me Noah definitely has a place after Easter.  I then asked which days…I was really praying for 2 full days and a half day so that I wasn’t running back and forward to school 3 times a day.  She then went to check and they have their list from the council and he has Wed afternoon and all day Thurs and Fri…yipppeee!!  I won’t get my official letter for a few weeks but at least I know and can now look into some baby things to do with Austin on those days!!!

They have told the kids at nursery that Noah is coming and apparently they are all very excited!!  I’m not sure they know what chaos is about to descend but Noah is excited!!!  And with full days he will get to use the lunch bag he got for his birthday!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Noah has got his nursery place

  1. Yah for Noah and you bet you are all excited.

    I love having my girls in nursery together , Ru naps every afternoon while they are in nursery so i get a 2 hour break. Love it

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