Noah is 3!!!

Noah is 3…where have the last 3 years gone??? 

Noah woke up seeming a bit better on his birthday morning…..although I wasn’t sure that meant anything since most days he seemed better in the mornings….  He opened his presents and actually played with them….

Caitlin went off to school while we had a lazy day and I made a car cake!!!!!!!

Noah seemed to stay seeming relatively well all day which was good….  So we braved his party!  The party started with Noah and 9 friends going for a junk food tea which all went well, we then went bowling!  They all seemed to have a fantastic time.  They all got on really well, everyone took their turn and there was no fighting!!!

The adults all seemed to have a good time too, everyone was talking and dancing away to the music!  Noah and squidge had the top 2 scores…you can tell they bowl often!!!!!  After the bowling it was time for the cake…

If you want to see some dancing pictures you’ll have to head over to Squidgyboo…

…and a better photo of the cake!!!!!


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2 responses to “Noah is 3!!!

  1. Happy birthday Noah

    Poor boy being sick on his birthday 😦

  2. Hope he had a good day.
    Cake looks yummy.

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