Let the party weekend begin!!!

The weekend for Caitlin was party central!!!  She had 4 parties to go to.  First on the list was a boy from school.  He was having a football party and when I first told her what it was she said she didn’t want to go…  I then said her best friend E was going and so she said she wanted to as well.  It turned out not to be just specifically football but just lots of ball and running games.  Caitlin wasn’t too sure at first and was scared to death at the ghost busters game where they all chased each other around and roaring at each other.  By the end of the party she had warmed up to the idea of being a bit boisterous….

Just after that party Nanny, Grandad and Amy arrived to join Nan in a family party for Noah.  By this point Noah was definitely not well….  He just about managed to open his presents but just opened them and put them to one side saying he would play with them tomorrow!! 

We stuck with going out hoping it would bring him back to life but once we got out he just sat there about to fall asleep….

…and soon after he did fall asleep!!  Austin however had a great time watching the world go by in his highchair…just look at those 2 new teeth!

Noah just about made it home (in the pram) and blew out his candles, took one bite of cake and then begged to go to bed!!!!!  Not at all like him to refuse cake!!!!

Sunday was a similar story for Noah…he woke up with a bit more life but by the time it came for Caitlin to go to another party, this time a little girl from school, he was lifeless and falling asleep….

Austin seemed better than he was on Friday, I’m assuming his was a bit of his cold and his teeth.  He had a good time cuddling with Nan though…

Caitlin had a fantastic time at today’s party.  It was at a soft play so no scary games!!!  In the evening we had pizza but Noah ate none of his again and begged to go to bed early!!!

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