Off to the museum.

On Friday I couldn’t figure out if Noah was ok or not…he didn’t seem as hot but still had a cough….but seemed a bit more lively so we ventured out to the museum to meet someone from Caitlin’s school who has a brother the same age as Noah.

It was not fun!!!!!!!  Austin cried almost the whole time…he even cried if  picked him up!!  I couldn’t carry him so I put him back in the pram and he cried more!!  I tried feeding him, capol’ing him, ignoring him..nothing worked!  We hadn’t planned on staying long anyway so we did a quick tour around visiting the animals and dinosaurs…

Noah was still coughing but seemed to enjoy himself…

On the journey home Noah started moaning and he seemed to deteriorate from there…back to being boiling hot and very very tired…

And then Nan arrived to 2 sick children….not much fun for her….  We had home made chinese for tea which Noah ate none of and then went to bed early!!!


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