Sick sick sick!!

On Tuesday night Noah started with a cough…  He got himself all worked up coughing and so couldn’t breath properly so I took him into our bed to calm him down, which he did and so he stayed there sleeping, sweating and coughing all night.  On the Wednesday we stayed in while he just sweated, whined and dozed on the settee….  He had another restless night on Wednesday but seemed a bit better on the Thursday so we ventured out….

He was still pale but played in the soft play.  We’d gone with Linda who was supposed to be taking Noah’s photo for his birthday – such a great alternative to more toys!!!  Noah wasn’t very obliging though, he was tired from playing and although he had been better in the morning he seemed to be getting ill again.

In the evening he seemed ok just tired….

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  1. I think Squidge has the same bug- just when you think they’re getting over it they relapse! I knew I should have taken the photos first thing when we got there! Ah well we’ll just wait for better weather.

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