Another half term outing!!

I love half term….and any school holidays!!  Most people dread them wondering how they’ll entertain the kids, but I love not having to rush around and being able to let Caitlin join in everything.  Today we went to our newly found soft play and even though it was half term it was still fantastic!!  Normally at half term these places are stupidly busy and the food rubbish..but although it was busy they had let just the right amount of children in and the food was still fantastic.  We went with my God son and him and Austin had a great time playing in the baby section….

…even though Austin is still very snotty!!  Look at those cheeks!  He’s also just got 2 more teeth, his top front ones, and you can see the 2 next to those just coming too!!

Caitlin and Noah played together on the bigger bit and in the very popular chair….

Noah also got his first birthday presents!  Some cars and some mini pj’s…he loves them both!!!!

When we got home we had pancakes which were very nice, but the highlight of Caitlin’s tea was getting some ice from our newly plumbed in ice dispenser!!!!!!!

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  1. I think I’m in need of adltsized soft play. Kids look great.

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