The Princess and the Frog.

Today Austin went on his first trip to the cinema!!!!!  He seemed to really enjoy it and even did his first clapping at it!!

We had great seats on the front row of the raised bit.  Caitlin loved the film, obviously since it had princesses in it!!!!! 

Noah also liked it but both him and Austin must have thought it went on a bit too long as they both fell asleep!!!  Noah also obviously liked the cinema snacks of popcorn and sweets!!!!!  It’s ages since we’ve been to the cinema we’ll have to go again soon!!!


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  1. weird I debated going to see this movie today but thought it would be crazy considering it’s half term so decided against it! LOL glad to know it’s good as Es has been wanting to see it for a while. That first picture of Austin is hysterical and I love how he’s looking at Caitlin in the bottom one.

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