Party time…

Caitlin has lots of parties over the next few weeks, mostly from school which means Noah isn’t invited.  This weekend it was a little girl a week older than Noah from play group and so Noah was invited along with Caitlin!  He was very excited to be going to a party.  It was in a soft play and so first thing there was lots of playing, Noah just kept coming over every 5 minutes asking if it was time for the party food…I think that was the highlight for him…cakes and sweets!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally food time came and Noah was over the moon.  Caitlin however wasn’t too impressed.  Even though I told her what she could have she stuck to eating chips, cucumber and carrots!!  She seems to be really scared of eating food that might have milk in when we are out….  The pudding was a mini milk which obviously she couldn’t have so they got her some fruit instead which was really good of them and much appreciated by Caitlin.  Austin also like the party as the party girl has twin brother and sister who are pretty much the same age as Austin, he loved playing/trying to eat the twin girl!!!

While we were at the party lots of kitchen work was going on but I’m not posting about it so that Nan gets a nice surprise at the progress when she arrives from Essex on Friday!!!!


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