Welcome to the area…

Today we have been to see the health visitor for a welcome to the area meeting.  She weighed and measured everyone and did some questionnaires to make sure they are all up to speed developmentally.

Austin now weighs a nice healthy 21lb 9oz and is 75.5cm tall, that’s the 75th centile for weight and just above the 91st for height so despite those chubby cheeks is actually slightly slim for his height.  At this age Noah was 21lb 5oz so virtually the same weight but only 71cm, Caitlin at this age was a tiny 15lb but 73cm tall!!  Austin didn’t really get any more of a check as it will be his 9-12 month check very soon.

Noah weighs 32lb and is 91.5cm tall, he has really slowed down on his growth since starting to walk and is now only on the 25th centile.  The health visitor then asked me some questions about Noah’s development and it would seem he is storming ahead developmentally even if he is a bit small.  By now he should be able to say 30 words…ha!!!  He never stops talking and can say hundreds of words, she actually laughed as she asked this question as he had been chatting away to her the whole time.  She asked if he can scribble, as if to copy writing and seemed very impressed when I said he can write his own name and copy any other letters.  She asked if he was showing interest in potty training and again was impressed he is clean and dry day and night.  There wasn’t anything on his list that he wasn’t exceeding the expectations for which was great, and he even met most of the targets for Caitlin’s questions.  I already knew that he was well ahead for his age but it was nice to have it confirmed.

Caitlin weighs a massive 36lbs!!!  I have no idea where that has come from, but I had noticed she has really filled out recently.  She is also 98.5cm tall, so she is now on the 25th centile for weight and 9th centile for height (she must be due to grow upwards anytime!!)  On her questionnaire she asked if her speech was clear to other adults and that she was speaking in full sentences which she is, can she count to 10 which she refused to do but she can count upto 20 and quite often beyond and also count backwards.  She asked if Caitlin can write her name and recognise some letters which she can and if she knows all of her colours and basic shapes which again she does.  Can she do and undo buttons, which she can and she can also do ad undo zips.  She asked if she can stand on one leg, hop and walk upstairs using alternate feet all of which she does.  That last one was the only one on Caitlin’s list that Noah can’t do yet.  Again she was pleased with Caitlin’s development and said she was also above average for a lot of the things.

All in all it was a very good appointment and at the end Caitlin even said to the Health Visitor “We’ve had a really good time here” which made her laugh!  Strange really since Caitlin spent the majority of the time silent and hiding fro the Health Visitor!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Welcome to the area…

  1. Aaaw Caitlin was a teeny little thing! Good to know they’re all where they should be and a little advanced!

  2. Good to see they’re doing well

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