Trial run

Noah asks to go bowling all the time so I decided maybe he should have a bowling party for his birthday.  He’s never really had a birthday party something seems to crop up every year, so this year I’ve booked 12 places to go bowling!!  I wasn’t sure what to do food wise to go with the bowling and I spotted a free bowling offer just for today so we went bowling to test out their food!!

Noah was very excited to go bowling and the bowling was good.  We then went to order food and asked how big the pizza was.  There were 2 adults and 2 kids and the man behind the bar said “Oh it’s massive (and put his arms about 14 inches wide) you’ll definitely want to share one”  So since we wanted the same toppings that was it sorted we’d share.

It finally arrived and it was tiny!!!!  At biggest about 10 inches….between 4.  We ate it all but I was starving by tea time so the in-house food option was ruled out.  I just hope going to 2 places for the party doesn’t add in disaster!!!

Here is another picture of Austin with his new hair just cos it’s a cute one!!!


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