So boring!!

Yet again we’ve not really been up to much.  It’s been cold and we’ve had house things to do, and now it is snowing again!!!!

At the weekend me and Richard did go out for a meal as my Mum had the kids, but really it was rubbish.  We went to a pretty posh restaurant in Manchester.  We’ve been a few times before and normally it is brilliant, pricey but worth it occasionally.  This time I had pollo penne…but found about half a square centimetre of chicken in there!  Obviously cost saving…but it’s not working as it was very empty so other people aren’t going.

On the Sunday we went to a mini show which was good, even with the snowy drive there.

This week Austin has had a cold, we think it’s the first time he’s had any sort of illness!!!  We both thought this separately so we’re pretty convinced it must be right!  He’s definitely never been pukey sick, or anything odd…  And we are almost certain it’s his first runny nose!!!  All that living on a building site must be toughening him up!  Noah was sick a few times this morning so hopefully Austin isn’t going to catch whatever that was, although Noah seems better now…just a 6 hour bug!!  And he managed to be sick while Richard was home to clean up!!!!


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