Nanny’s 60th

Today was Nanny’s 60th birthday!!  We went for a meal in our local carvery pub.  Unfortunately Nanny (and others) got stuck in mad traffic when a lorry decided to drop it’s potatoes all over the motorway!!!!!!!  They were really late so we had to get Caitlin and Noah’s food before they arrived and Austin gave up and fell asleep!!!  Once they got here though the food was lovely and Nanny enjoyed opening the presents that Caitlin and Noah had made for her.  The main thing they made was a money box as Nanny wanted donations to BLISS for her birthday so that a local neonatal nurse could go on one of their training days.  So me and Noah made the box and lid and Caitlin made a baby to go on the top.

After the meal we did the cake….

It was the first cake I’ve made in the new oven….and I can now safely say my cakes were always rubbish due to our old oven!!!!!!  This cake was a little bit overcooked but it was definitely the best cake I have made in a long time!!  In the middle we had Caitlin friendly whipped cream!!!!!!!!  It didn’t really whip up as much as regular whipping cream but everyone thought it tasted ok.  Caitlin has never had a cream cake before and she was very very impressed!!!!!!

Austin woke up right at the end so we managed to get one picture with him in it….

…(with his hair looking very wild again…really can’t decide if I should chop it off!!!)


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