8 months…

….yes Austin is 8 months old already!!!!  And to think I thought the house could be finished before he was born and here we are still not done….  I got Austin weighed last week and he was 21lbs, which makes him pretty much exactly the same weight as Noah at this age (and an awful lot more than Caitlin!!)  He is rolling over a lot more (none of our kids have been keen on rolling!) but still only does it when he has to.  He is really good at sitting now and has started to stand up against things.  He still adores Caitlin and Noah and gets very excited when he see’s them.  He chats away all the time and can say da, ma, ga and ba!!!

Austin is still super smiley and chilled out, even since we got rid of his dummy!!  We thought it would be a nightmare to get rid of but he didn’t seem to really notice.  He has been chewing on his thumb but I haven’t seen him properly suck on it so hopefully he won’t!!!

His hair is getting quite long now and a bit wild looking so I am considering cutting it!  I remember having this dilemma with Noah and he looked so much better once it was cut.


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  1. Happy 8 months Austin, he really sounds like a perfect baby…i am jealous lol

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