On Thursday we went to visit Katie and Abigail after school.  They are from Yorkshire and so have a slightly different accent to us, which is kind of a Manchester/general Northern accent!  Noah has had us in stitches saying he is going to see Abigail and “Kay…eeee” (not sure I can really type how he says it but imagine a really strong Yorkshire accent!).  I’m not sure if it’s normal for an almost 3 year old to do impersonate other accents but he does it to a few people and it’s really funny!

Anyway we had a great time playing and having tea….

and Austin practised his standing!  He seems to really be coming on all of a sudden.  He has gone from his legs being completely unable to take any of his weight to being able to hold all of it for a good couple of minutes all in the space of a week….


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2 responses to “Accents!

  1. funny you were just saying on Monday you didn’t think he was ever going to stand/walk- he must have heard you! LOL on the accents!

  2. Love the idea of Noah impersonating accents.

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