New places!

Yesterday we went to check out a new soft play centre.  I hate our local soft play as the play area is next to the exit and the cafe/seating area is the furthest from the exit…so in theory your child could just walk out and anyone can come in and you wouldn’t see them!  I know the exit is locked and you need to be buzzed out but your child could tailgate on the end of another family and the person manning the exit would just assume they were with them.  Or if your child is like Noah and would willingly go with someone offering sweets again their exit wouldn’t arouse any suspicion.  So the new place is perfectly (in my opinion!!) laid out….exit then seating then the playing!  All was going great until lunch time when I realised they didn’t have a microwave to heat Austin’s food.  I’m not sure if the no microwave was because they are new and just haven’t sorted it yet or one of those daft health and safety things….  If it was a health and safety thing then God help us because the man (member of staff therefore far more competent than me) put Austin’s food in the microwave complete with metal lid….  He then proceeded to give it back to me still completely frozen!!!!  Anyway really that was our only complaint, oh and the chairs were a bit wobbly!!  The food was lovely, all nice and new, set out right and quite quiet we’ll be going again!!

Then today we tried out a new playgroup.  That was good too, just around the corner from our house and nice and busy.


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