Instead of school!!

There has been no school all week, but we have had a great time instead!  Noah has loved having Caitlin around for the week, she really is his best friend and he misses her loads while she’s gone….although I would imagine she loves the peace!!

We’ve played lots of games, jigsaws, coloured, gone on little walks although nothing major as it’s a bit hard with a pram and 2 falling over constantly!  We did have a little play in the front garden..well on the path!!!!

We tried to make a snowman but I think we’d left it a day too late and the snow was really hard to get to stick together… our snowman is very poor!!!!!  And it took so long we didn’t get chance to put a face on it before Noah reached the very limit of his cold threshold!!!

One of the days Caitlin has been off we made the 3 pigs houses.  I’d seen it on a blog (hope my link works!) they are the Kings which is how I came to read caught my eye because we are also the Kings!  Anyway she does loads of great crafty stuff which I always mean to do but never find time, then Caitlin started reading the 3 pigs and I thought we’d make the houses!  The 4 crazy Kings are better than ours but Caitlin and Noah were more than happy with theirs!!

It’s back to school next week which will be a shame but Caitlin is really looking forward to it! Lets hope I can Elvis going!!!!!!


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  1. The pigs thing looks like it was fun to make.

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