A Christening!

Today we went off to a Christening.  It was a good service the vicar involved the kids and seemed quite nice.  Afterwards we went for a carvery which was lovely.  Austin had a great time just sitting there grinning as usual!!!

Caitlin and Noah had a great time, there was a face painter for the kids who was really good…she turned Noah into a blue tiger and painted flowers all over Caitlin…

There was also an amazing balloon modeller!  Normally they make a dog or a sword and all the kids are chuffed to bits, but this one made all sorts of amazing things from bugs bunny to a motorbike for Noah…

…which he loved and spent ages riding around the room on it!!!!  They all also spent ages chasing each other around the room and were completely knackered when we came to leave!


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2 responses to “A Christening!

  1. love the face painting and the balloon motorbike! Still amazed at how big Austin is getting- he looks like the Gerber baby!!

  2. Balloons sound great and I’m impressed with the face painting.

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