School’s snowed off!

Today Caitlin set off for school in the snow….

….she was in Gan with Richard as he was off to work anyway and Elvis has a broken alternator (which is very very bad!!!!!!!!!) anyway!….after about 15 mins I got a call saying school was closed.  So I called Richard and they had made it about 50 metres!!!!!  Think there must have been an accident blocking the road ahead, so they turned around and headed back and we had a day at home!  Noah was very excited as he really missed her yesterday!  We didn’t bother venturing out…our gardens (front and back) are like jungles and the park was just a bit too far to be bothering with.  We spent the day just playing which was great!  Here is our Christmas tree in our garden taken from upstairs!  It’s a massive tree which if we get permission will be gone soon!!

School’s off again tomorrow so we might brave the outside then or we’ll get cabin fever!!



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3 responses to “School’s snowed off!

  1. This snow is crazy . Thankfully schools still open here.

  2. we’ve been pretty much house bound too! Can’t wait for the BIG THAW! Been reading your blog but it’s touch and go with the ability to comment- didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you!!

  3. The first day was great fun but I’d soon had enough!

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