New year questions!!

New year was a nice easy night around at a friend’s house.  Richard was working so the thought of venturing out (in the snow and ice) somewhere with 3 tired children to somewhere over priced and busy didn’t really sound like much fun!!  So when someone said we could go to their house I said yep!  It was a good night there were 4 other kids there and so Caitlin and Noah had a great time running round and playing, and they both stayed up until midnight by which time Richard had joined us!!  Austin was looking especially lively at 2010!!

So to start the new year off (and since we haven’t done a lot except play with all the new toys!) I thought I’d ask Caitlin and Noah some questions….  some the same as last time and some new ones!!!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up…

Noah….a mini   so a further question…what do you want to do for a job?  fix mini’s and cars oh and babies!!!!!!! (not sure where that last one came from!)

Caitlin….a teacher

What is your favourite food?


C…..nuts (think that’s because that is what she is sat next to!)

Who is your best friend?

N…..Matty and Daniel

C…..Ella and Eleana

What was your favourite present at Christmas?

N… plates

C…..peppa pig house and polly pocket

Who is your favourite Elvis or Gan?



I can’t think of any more good questions so that is it!!

Over Christmas Noah has learnt to write his name…he asked to learn when writing his Christmas cards and can now write it completely on his own which I find amazing! 

Caitlin couldn’t write her name alone until she was about 3.5 years old.  Noah has also learnt to hop over Christmas, taught by Caitlin!  Austin is sitting up quite well now and seems to be liking food, he is on 3 meals a day and now we have a make shift kitchen he’s on proper food!!!!


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One response to “New year questions!!

  1. I do like reading the answers from the kids.
    Well done to Noah on writing his name.

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