Christmas day…

Our day actually started fairly late at about 8am, and we even had to wake Noah for that as Caitlin was racing ahead with the present opening!!  I think this is our last year for sensible waking times!!!!  They all got into Caitlin’s bed to open their stockings…..

After they had exhausted that we went downstairs to see if Father Christmas had left anything else…..

I can’t remember if I have written about their wish lists, so just incase….  Caitlin wanted Peppa Pig’s house and polly pocket, and then in the past week she has added a kettle….  Noah has asked for blue paper plates (from tesco’s), bolts and pipes and roary….

Austin was pretty uninterested in his pile really…

Caitlin was very pleased with her Peppa Pig house and polly pocket.  She also got lots of clothes, books and a red riding hood outfit…

Noah was so over excited by his blue plates it was funny!  I am gutted I wasn’t videoing because he opened them and said “wow blue plates!!!!” then said “did Father Christmas go to tesco??”   He also got roary, some clothes, books and he shared the giant mini with Caitlin and Austin.

After we had done presents and got dressed (in the new clothes!) we headed off to my Mum’s for Christmas dinner.  There were 19 for Christmas dinner and I think the noise over whelmed Austin!!  It is a very hectic affair and he cried a lot!!!!!!!  I thought it might be his teeth as he had very red cheeks but calpol didn’t seem to work and then when we tried his present on the crying stopped….

…it may well be more teeth as well though??!!

It was well after bedtime when we set off for home and all three of them fell straight asleep and Noah didn’t wake up until 9am the next morning!!!!!!



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3 responses to “Christmas day…

  1. LOL love the last photo. I still can’t believe how big he looks. Es was beyond excited when she went to bed but still slept until 9!! LOL I had to wake her up- she was coming down with something. Anyhoo looks like a pretty good load of gift father Christmas left for them.

  2. Vic

    They all look gorgeous.

    I am LOVING the paper plates. I bet he was delighted!

    And Austin is so grown up! 🙂

    Vic x

  3. Great presents! Blue plates has to be the best thing ever lol.
    Can’t imagine having dinner with 19 people. Would be far too much for me.

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