Catch up time again!!!!

Wow I’m bad at keeping up to date at the moment!!!

Last Saturday Caitlin was supposed to be at a party but the birthday boy was sick so it was cancelled, but that meant we finished the presents for the Grandparents!  It also meant Richard could get on with the kitchen so he plastered the ceiling.  He’s never done a ceiling before but I think it looks really good.  Once that was done he could mount the wall units!!  So now we have wall units, a ceiling, a working oven and a temporary sink!!!!!  Hopefully after Christmas the extremely slow joiner will have our windows ready to fit, the sink and the other half of the units can go in followed by the worktops!!!

On Monday we met Squidge at the museum as Noah has been asking to go for a while.  It was a good day until things got a bit rowdy and when I turned around Noah and Squidge were playing with a full size woolly mammoth skeleton!!!!!!  The assistant looked like he was about to have a heart attack so it was in the pram for Noah after that and the trip didn’t last much longer!!!!!!!   Can you imagine how much trouble we’d have been in if they had knocked it over!!!!!

Wednesday was Caitlin’s school play.  She was a cracker which basically meant she ran around a lot and jumped up and down with ribbons sewn to her t-shirt!  She was great though, she did actually run around and didn’t cry which is loads better than she would have managed last year.

Our Christmas shopping is now done I just have a few things I’d like to make for Caitlin and Austin (I have no making ideas for Noah..boys are hard to make for which might be a good thing given how behind with making I always am!) and about half of the wrapping!  Wouldn’t be too bad except we are going away tomorrow and the sellotape is upstairs with a sleeping Richard!!!!!

So that’s it until Christmas eve when I might have enough time for a quick update on our week down south between wrapping and sewing!!!


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One response to “Catch up time again!!!!

  1. It’ll seem so strange once the house is finished.
    I’m nowhere near ready for the holidays but at least I have an excuse.

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