Christmas is a busy time!

It would appear my blog has gone out of the window in an attempt to keep up with my daft Christmas present ideas!!!!!!  We are plodding on with the presents and we have crossed a fair few off our list!!!

Last weekend Caitlin went to a birthday party…Barney came too of course!  There were loads of party games which Caitlin loved, and also a crafty table set up so Caitlin and her friend E made a Christmas card each.  After the party the kids went off to my Mum’s while we went out with manchester minis.  It was a good night, we had a meal and then DJ at a nearby hotel.  Everyone else was complaining about the food but me and Richard liked it…maybe it’s because all we’ve had recently is ready meals!!!

On Tuesday me, Noah and Austin went into town to the Christmas markets.  They were ok but pretty much the same things as last year which was a bit disappointing.  We had pancakes though and they were lovely, and we did finish off our shopping!!  In the evening Caitlin put up our Christmas tree.  Normally I’m really particular about all the decorations coordinating but as the house is so chaotic I let her have free rein…..

There is a lot of pink and the tinsel is just draped across!!!  While she was doing that and I was helping her get the ones she wanted out of the box Richard was unpacking the cooker!!!!!!!!

Turns out you don’t get anything needed to connect it so it just sat there looking good!!

On Wednesday just before mini club Caitlin spotted the box from the Christmas tree and stood amazed looking at it and said…. “oh look you’re opposed to put presents underneath and decoration it!!”  Presents on the way and she did “decoration it”.  When we got to mini club she had another flash of inspiration and said “oh look the tinsel is supposed to go up and down…mine doesn’t is that ok?”  Yes it is ok…I like the way she’s done it, it’s funny!

Thursday was Christmas party day!  We had a party at play group where the elves from the school next door brought presents, and then straight after that it was a party at a soft play with Abigail and Katie.  There was fake snow….

After that and party food Father Christmas arrived and read a story..then it was time to go and see him and tell him what you want!

Caitlin actually stood near to him and said she wants peppa pigs house and polly pocket.  Noah was a bit put out he didn’t get to sit on his knee with Austin…but he asked for blue paper plates, a big car, pipes, bolts and a baby!!!!!!!!!!  The baby is a new one on me (which he isn’t getting!!) but the blue paper plates are at the top of his list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we have been finishing off the reindeer food that Caitlin is giving out at school with her cards and we also decorated Elvis!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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3 responses to “Christmas is a busy time!

  1. Busy, busy .Non stop this time of year , i kinda like it though 🙂

  2. Love Elvis all dressed up for Christmas! Finally able to comment again I’m using a different browser (Opera) and it let me in!

  3. I reckon Caitlin has made a grand job of decorationing the tree. Love Noah’s wish list.

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