We waited and waited and finally….

…we got Barney!!!!!!!  At Caitlin’s school they have a bunny which goes home with someone new every night.  They got Barney back at the beginning of November and Caitlin keeps mentioning him and how soon it will be her turn, she was just starting to wonder if she would ever have a turn and guess what…we got him for a whole weekend!!!!!!!  Caitlin is so excited and by proxy so is Noah!!!!  So we left school and hit on our first problem….Barney comes in a medium sized box and with the 3 car seats, coats, sling, lunch bag, book bag etc there wasn’t quite enough room in the car for him so he was relegated to the boot.  When he got home Caitlin was desperate to show him her slide bed…..so off sliding they all went….

Come bedtime they had decided they needed to have another sleepover in Caitlin’s room…complete with Barney…….

Yeah that photo really looks like lots of sleep is going to happen……ah well they’re having fun!!!  And we’ve got a night off tomorrow so can’t complain!!!!!!

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  1. so cute!! I hope Barney enjoyed his stay!

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